Family Friend as Your Wedding Photographer - A Cautionary Tale

Family Friend as Your Wedding Photographer - A Cautionary Tale

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We’ve just got an email from your desperate bride who chose to entrust her wedding photography to her family friend rather than hiring one of the Toronto wedding photographers. Here is a short expert “…

I don’t know if you remember me but we contacted your studio a while ago about potential for doing our photography, however we elect to choose our family friend. I’m unfortunately however this wasn’t the most effective idea but rather a massive mistake ? on our part. We merely (8 months later) got in the images plus they look terrible. You will find too many issues to list right now but I wanted to ask if there is anything that that can be done to correct them? …”

It can make us really sad whenever we get these kinds of emails. We’ve made a decision to put this little comparison why it is usually an awful idea to select your loved ones friend as your photographer. Let’s focus on the photography and photography experience.

Family Friend:

 Wants to take pictures at various family events

 Sneaked some pictures at few different weddings and it is building or “updating” his/her portfolio

 Loves to discuss his/her completely new expensive camera that takes amazing pictures

 Likes to shoots in “Auto” setting to get the sharpest image possible

 Always is checking and rechecking camera settings

 Will takes snapshot of just people he/she knows

Wedding photographer:

 Have been shooting 40 weddings every year within the last 5 years

 Gets control of 100000 pictures each year

 Poses great problem-solving skills

 Shoots in Manual mode because he/she understand exposure and knows how to adopt to challenging lighting and environmental conditions

 Know his/her equipment out and in and doesn’t have to constantly check and check the settings but can give attention to capturing those fleeting moments

 Understands the principles of composition, posing, portraiture and modern story-telling wedding photography

 Lives, breaths and sleeps photography

Now let’s observe how your family friend’s equipment analyzes to pro’s equipment:

Family Friend:

 Is very proud of this brand-new $1000 camera but hasn’t master most of onpar gps

 His/her backup equipment contain mobile phone or could borrow a P&S camera from another guest in a pinch

 Might have the consumer grade zoom or flash

Professional Photographer:

 Invested over $20,000 in the best and a lot reliable photography equipment in the marketplace

 Carries no less than two pro-grade camera on a regular basis

 Has multiple lenses, flashes and off camera lighting system

 Makes instant backup copies of most pictures taken through the big day

 Created redundant backup system including backup wedding photographer

Toronto Wedding Photographers

Here are some other benefits that Wedding photographer offers:

 Has a proper business insurance including liability insurance

 Provides contract that protects the client

 Works with high-end album manufacturers and pro print labs

 Attends professional workshops and conferences

 Enters into wedding photography competitions

 Belongs to many pro photography associations and organizations

 Has insightful experience to help your wedding event operate correctly

 Knows the flow with the big day and may anticipate where to be and what to capture during your big day

 Combines talent, creativity and experience to capture your wedding day so that it reflects your personality not his/her

That is it - some benefits and drawbacks of getting a family friend as your photographer. Hopeful this article prevent some brides from building a mistake and never employing a professional and reputable photographer. Remember there are no re-does in photography and the bottom line is you will get everything you buy - it can’t be said different.

By Avangard Photography | Toronto Wedding Photography Studio

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